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10:43am, 6th March 2015

Is Netgear under attack?   Potentially.  Several clients of mine over the past few weeks who use Netgear routers have reported failures with their routers along with unexplained security changes.  It starts off with sluggish network speeds, then slow degrades into an unusable state.  A reboot temporarily fixes the problem, but it soon returns.  Associates of mine too have seen similar issues with Netgear kit very recently.

Could this be Netgear pushing bad firmware out to devices?  I doubt it, as that has to be initiated by the end device.  So what else could it be?  Malware installations most likely, overriding the stock firmware, abusing those who haven’t updated the firmware?  But some of my clients have the latest firmware – so this may not be the answer.

Netgear has been a long-time favourite of mine, the interfaces have always been great, and prices appropriate.  But this many failure sin such a short pace of time is unheard of.  And them all being one brand ? That’s almost impossible to lay that one on chance, bad luck, or coincidence.  There are dark forces at play.

Comments welcomed.

Will Davies.

Interwebi Ltd